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I’m an artist and designer based in East London. My work is playful and personal, I like experimenting with colour and references, linking my works, whatever medium to biographical and art historical influences. I work in a  variety of mediums: resin, paint, textile, text, whatever best suits what I am trying to express. 


I was raised in an artistic family and after studying Art History at Oxford I moved to Barcelona for four years to study fine art. While studying I suffered from a neurological condition on top of extreme anxiety which changed a lot about how I think about the world. For me art has always been about world-making and explaining my existence to myself, it was one of the ways I put myself back together. 

In Barcelona I was tutored by some wonderful artists who taught me new ways of making and of thinking. After finishing art school I helped found Pujos Studios, a gallery and studio space in L’Hospitalet.

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